Leigh Wells

We love Leigh Wells' bold repurposing of materials as she constructs mixed media collage-drawings and sculpture using found images or elements from previous work, stripping them of their original context through editing, cutting and combining. By adding drawn line work or painted geometric shapes and colors she creates hybrid compositions that embody the shifting, ungraspable nature of reality.


Leigh Wells holds a BFA from the University of San Francisco, with further study at the San Francisco Art Institute, Crown Point Press, and Parsons/New School in New York. She shows widely in the US and Europe and her work regularly appears in the New York Times and Harper’s Magazine.

Untitled (11-01-03)
Collage and mixed media on paper
16" x 13” (framed), 2011
Untitled (11-02-02)
Collage and mixed media on paper
16" x 13” (framed), 2011
Remains (120328)
Wood, paint, mixed media
19.5" x 5.5" x 4", 2012. On Display
La Llave (130504)
Wood, leather, mixed media
19.5" x 5.25" x 7.5", 2013. On Display
Remains (120327)
Wood, paint, mixed media
9" x 29" x 1.25", 2012. On Display
Cluster B
Mixed Media
17.25" x 28" x 11.5", 2011. On Display
Untitled (110818)
Seaweed, mixed media
12" x 19" x 6", 2011. On Display
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