Sarah a. smith

We are thrilled to present Sarah A. Smith whose work has long stood out for its baroque beauty and powerful depictions of the natural world. Her art incorporates mythology and iconography to create opulent pieces that comment on today’s economic and social climate. Inspired by her background as a scenic and decorative painter, she has developed a secret technique to paint with metal leaf she then meticulously patinas to create rich dimension and depth. Stunning, smart, and often just a little bit sinister, Smith's art adds beautifully to both classical and contemporary collections.


Sarah A. Smith has had two solo exhibitions at ampersand international arts, in 2004 and 2007. She was commissioned to create new work for the SFAC Grove Street Windows gallery in 2015. Her drawings and installations have been included in many Bay Area institutions and galleries, notably, The de Saisset Museum, Kala Art Institute, The Palo Alto Arts Center and Root Division. In 2006 she had a solo show at Southern Exposure and was awarded a residency at The Headlands Center for the Arts, Project Space. Her works are in many private collections including The Battery, San Francisco and 21c, Louisville, KY.

Yosemite in Gold
ink on paper
30” x 22.75, 2016
Yosemite in Gray
ink on paper
30” x 22.75, 2016
Oscillating Tree 3
Sumi ink and block printing ink on paper
47.5” x 38”, 2016
Resurrection Snake/Bird of Paradise
gold metal leaf, corrosive, ink and pencil on paper
38” x 50”, 2016
Dead Wolf/Self-Reflection (after Jan
oil paint on with gold metal leaf on 2 panels
24” x 36”, 2017
Fox With Prairie Chicken
ink on joined paper
15"x11", 2016
Eyes Through Branches
Sumi ink on paper
11.5” x 9”, 2016
Wolf (Sketch)
ink and pencil on paper
11.75” x 9”, 2016
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